Sushmita Sen, typically open about her personal life, surprised fans by maintaining silence concerning her speculated relationship with entrepreneur Lalit Modi. Despite Modi’s July 2022 social media post hinting at a romantic involvement and referring to her as his better half, Sen decided to keep their relationship under wraps without any public acknowledgment.

Addressing the incident in a recent interview, the actress revealed that she found the entire situation amusing. When asked if she intended to marry Lalit Modi, Sushmita Sen responded by saying, “If I were going to marry someone, I would already be married to them. I don’t attempt, I either commit or I don’t.”

She emphasized, “I shared one Instagram post because sometimes when people remain silent, their silence is misunderstood as weakness or fear. I just wanted to post once to let everyone know that I’m laughing. That was the end of it.”

Sen highlighted how people labeled her as a gold digger while using her social media content for financial gains. This prompted her to clarify that she is content, not married or engaged. She felt it necessary to address the situation, stating that while memes and humor are fine, branding someone as a gold digger contradicts the intent to profit from such posts.

Recently, Sen starred in the web series Taali, portraying Gauri Sawant, a transgender activist, under Ravi Jadhav’s direction. The series illustrates Sawant’s advocacy for the legal recognition of transgender individuals as the third gender, earning accolades for both the series and Sen’s performance.

Additionally, she played the lead role in Ram Madhvani’s crime thriller web series, Aarya, which premiered in 2021 and has seen the release of three seasons. Sen’s last film project was the 2015 Bengali movie Nirbaak.

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