Bigg Boss Season 7 became the talk of the town ever since Pradeep Antony left the home. The housemates are divided into two groups: the ones who are against Pradeep (led by Maya) and the ones who defend Pradeep (led by Vichithra). This week, Archana, Dinesh, Poornima, Aishu, Bravo and Vichithra were nominated.

Reports broke out earlier today that Poornima will be evicted from the show but the latest sources are hinting that Aishu is going to be evicted on Sunday. However, there is no clarity if it is going to be a double eviction or just one of them is gonna be eliminated. Notably, both Poornima and Aishu are in the danger zone with the least votes.

Fans are hugely supporting Vichithra’s group and they are angry with Maya’s gang which they call the Bully Gang. Poornima and Aishu are the strong contenders of the Maya group. Their exit will be a big blow to Maya’s gang. Also, Kamal Haasan was seen harshly criticising the Bully Gang in the latest promo of the show.

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